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More members of your server while using LFD

Posted by Seb on April 29, 2011

Just found this piece of information
source :

That isn’t just a coincidence. Many players have stated since the release of the Dungeon Finder that they like the convenience of being matched for a group automatically, but they miss the feeling of community when they’re paired with strangers from other realms with whom they might never speak again. So we made a slight change in the way the Dungeon Finder sorts through the queue matching players for a dungeon.

This was a late addition to the patch notes made yesterday evening:

The Dungeon Finder will attempt to place players from the same realm in a party together.

Would have been useful when i was looking for a guild.  Still nice to be able to build a reputation on your server.


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Record World of Warcraft to make video

Posted by Seb on April 12, 2011

Been ask last night what I was using to record our fight.   I use a tool available on the site  I’m using it instead of FRAPS because it is free.  Probably not as good but good enough for me.

Be careful, file size for the capture is limited by it format (AVI file are limited to 2GB I think).   I did got into this problem a few time.  I did reduce the size of the capture and did stop capturing the sound.

To avoid having this tool to interfere with your Ventrilo Push-to-talk key, set the tool to run as with the administrator rights.

The tool require a registration on the site to be able to use it.  To avoid spam in your email address, I recommand using an email from Mailinator

After, you just have to bring it in your favorite movie maker application (like Windows Movie Maker

Note : For those afraid of key loggers or other malware sites, here the reputation of the site on McAfee SiteAvisor and on URLVoid

Here a video I made in the Culling of Stratholme a few years ago.  I suggest you change it’s resolution to 720dpi instead of 360. You will get the option when the video start.  Sorry but haven’t been able to force it.

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And the answer is…

Posted by Seb on December 2, 2010

My new main (or the first character I will level in Cataclysm) is my priest Hanollin (Disc/Shadow).

When I get to my druid, I may bring him back to his first love : Feral.  Will probably keep Balance as an offspec.  But I have time to change my mind here.


This post is referring to my previous one

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Who will be my main: Priest or Druid?

Posted by Seb on November 25, 2010

With Cataclysm being close, I have to wonder who I will focus on first. In other words, who will be my main?  I really enjoy leveling my priest right now (level 79 as typing this), but too late to try it in raids.  Leveled him to 74 as Discipline and now trying shadow for quest and mostly discipline for instance.  Did a daily instance lately with my druid and did enjoy my balance (Moonkin) build.  But for leveling to 85, I may need to learn how to play with a restoration build for instances (easier to get a group when healing).

SO I don’t know which one I should priories.  And in a new guild so not sure what will be theirs needs come raiding times.

Also, I haven’t talk about my paladin tank that I haven’t brought back on the server yet.

Profession wise, I guess alchemy (priest) will be more interesting than leatherworking (Druid).

Who to level first…?

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Some Priest Macros

Posted by Seb on November 18, 2010

Some macros I made for my Priest


Flash heal
#showtooltip Flash Heal
/cast [@player] Power Infusion()
/cast Inner Focus()
/cast Archangel
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Flash Heal;

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Cataclysm, new dungeons and Dungeon Finder

Posted by Seb on November 11, 2010

Wasn’t expecting this one… Guess my priest will do less instances and more quests while leveling …

Remember, come Cataclysm, you will not be able to queue for one of the new dungeons via the Dungeon Finder unless you have first discovered its entrance!

Source :

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Losing name plates since patch 4.0.1??

Posted by Seb on October 15, 2010

If, like me, you are loosing the name plates over enemy (even after pressing V and checking game options), try this command :

/console bloattest 1

It did work for me.  Don’t ask me why and what the command does. I just know that it did work for me.

Source :

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Volossard will wait for Cataclysm

Posted by Seb on September 24, 2010

Decided to not level up my warrior for now.  Just not interested into Titan’s Grip.  Will wait for Cataclysm expension for Single-Minded Fury.

Lost interest in warriors since Burning Crusade.  Looking forward to the next expansion for find interest back for them.

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blacksmiting or skinning

Posted by Seb on September 18, 2010

I’m changing profession on my lvl 68 warrior.   I took mining (will be good for stamina) and wondering if I go with blacksmiting (and having to level it) or with skinning (would be good for crits).

And if we drop a profession and get back it it, do we still loose our profession skill rank and have to level it up again?

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The dark side side of the LFG tool…

Posted by Seb on September 10, 2010

Since the last version of the blizzard looking for group (LFG) tool, it is really easy to find groups for the 5 man instances.  On my priest (level 44 when writing this), I already have done 65 instances.  Never have done so many instances when leveling before.  On the other benefits, you don’t have to run the instance when using it and it get you get where you where when it is done.

To allow easier instances setup, it can match you with players from other realms.  This is indeed good to allow faster group set-up, but it is also where its dark side reside.  Before, you where able to make yourself a name, a reputation, when doing instance.  It was helpful to have a good name when you where looking for a guild.  But now, since most of the time you don’t have someone of your server in your group, you don’t really end up building yourself a reputation.  It will be very rare that you will group with the same players.

With all the instances I did with my priest, nobody knows him on the server.  Meaning no one could be interested in offering me a spot in his guild based on his experience in previous instances.  To solve that problem (if we can call it a problem), I’m considering looking for a leveling guild. This should allow me to queue up in the LFG tool with guild member and making myself a name.  Those members may later join raiding guilds and then pass good words about me when applying.  It is already really hard to find a good casual raiding guild.  It is even worst when no one know you.  Again, joining a bad leveling guild can stick on me their bad reputation…

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